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Family Adventure

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Family Adventure

Day 1

Fly into San José, the capital of Costa Rica and get ready to begin your Active Family Adventure! There you will be picked up and brought to the Hotel Arenal Springs near the volcano. Enjoy the amazing view of the volcano when you jump into your own private pool to relax after the journey.

Day 2

Today you will have a day pass to The Springs Resort, where you can enjoy a variety of hot springs and pools. You will have an amazing view on one of the world’s most active volcanoes, spewing out rocks and smoke while you relax in the warm thermal waters. There is also the possibility to take part in a guided tour to a wildlife preserve with pumas, monkeys, sloths and much more.

Day 3

You will take part in a Rainforest Mystery Tour. On a gentle hike you will see the stunning rainforest with its unique flora and fauna. The guide will provide you with a lot of very interesting information so you will also learn about medical plants, herbs and agriculture. At the end of the trip you will enjoy a healthy organic lunch at a farm.


Day 4

You will leave the hotel in the morning to go to Guanacaste. Instead of just driving there you will take a Rain Forest River Float and Safari on the way – just one of the many exciting highlights of the Active Family Adventure! You will get into inflatable rafts and float along the river enjoying the sounds of the forest and spotting different animals. Finally, you will be taken to your beautiful hotel; the Hotel Tamarindo Diria.


Day 5

This is a day to relax. Enjoy the sunshine and go to Tamarindo beach that is just outside of your hotel. You can also stay in the Diria Hotel that has a lot of facilities to offer its guests, such as its two different pools with ocean views to choose from. Another possibility is to have a short walk just outside, to explore the little beach town.

Day 6

It is time to get active again, so a surf lesson for the whole family is scheduled. At the beach right outside your hotel you will first get to know some theory, try the right moves and positions, and then it will be time to get into the ocean and experience your first waves.

Day 7

A unique experience for your family will be to explore Guanacaste by horseback. You will get to see forest and mountain trails as well as beaches and hills. This horseback riding tour will show you all the nature this area has to offer. Enjoy the last evening of your adventure with a nice dinner or a drink at the beach as the sun sets.

Day 8

You will be picked up from your hotel and brought to Tamarindo Airport. A short domestic flight will bring you back to San José where you can get your international flight back home.






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