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Costa Rica Green 4 you!

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Costa Rica Green 4 you!

Day 1

Upon arrival at the airport you are greeted by representatives of Go Vacaciones in Costa Rica; Those traveling on a short 20 minute trip to the Park Inn hotel.

In the evening, enjoy an exquisite welcome dinner.

Includes: transfer in, tourist guide for reception at the airport and transfer to the hotel, welcome cocktail, accommodation and dinner.


Day 2

In the morning, after having breakfast at the hotel; We will visit the old metropolis, the province of Cartago. There we will visit the Basilica of Los Angeles. It is located in the place where, according to tradition, the mulatto Juana Pereira, from the marginal neighborhood known as Puebla de los Pardos, is in 1635 an image of Our Lady of the Angels, can be described as miracles soon. On the site a hermitage was built, which later replaced the temples of greater strength and capacity, especially the one built in 1675. It was erected as a basilica during the episcopate of Monsignor Anselmo Llorente and Lafuente.Day 2

The earthquake of May 4, 1910 ruined the temple, which was replaced by years later by another of considerable dimensions, of Byzantine style. Construction began in 1912. The architect in charge of designing was called Lluis Llach Llagostera. It is the main center of religious pilgrimage in Costa Rica, especially on the occasion of the feast of the Virgin of the Angels, which is celebrated on August 2.

Next, we will go up a bit more to know the Irazú volcano. The Irazú volcano is a stratovolcano located in Costa Rica, in the Central Volcanic Mountain Range, in the interior of the national park that bears its name, about 32 km north of the city of Cartago. Its summit, an altitude of 3,432 meters above sea level, is located in the district of Santa Rosa, in the Canton of Oreamuno, Province of Cartago.

The summit of the volcano has several craters, one of which contains a green lake of variable depth. It is the highest active volcano in Costa Rica. It is easy to visit from San José, through a direct path to the cables of the bed and a daily bus service to the height. It is a popular tourist spot.

From your room and during a clear day, it is possible to see both coasts, the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific. However, clear days in the glass are very rare, since most of the time it remains covered with clouds.

On the way to this volcano, it is common to observe the great agricultural and livestock activity that remains in this area, which capture the attention of tourists on the sides of the road, such is the case of Tierra Blanca de Cartago, besides visit places of interest such as Durán Sanatorium, Prussia Park, among others.

After visiting the volcano, he descended to enjoy a lunch at La Casona del Cafetal restaurant, located in the Cachi Valley and adjacent to the Orosi Valley.

Before returning to the hotel, the last visit to the Lakester Botanical Garden. The Lankester Botanical Garden, of about 10.7 hectares, has a collection of orchids of the most important in the world.

One afternoon we returned to the hotel.


Includes: Private transportation, tourist guide, breakfast, admission to Irazú Volcano National Park, Lunch at La Casona del Cafetal restaurant, Visit and admission to Lankester Botanical Gardens, Lodging.


Day 3

3After breakfast, we left for the northern part of the country. We will leave San Jose, passing through the province of Heredia where the visitor will receive information about the National University, El Fortín, the colonial style of the buildings in Barva de Heredia until La Paz Waterfall Gardens.

La Paz Waterfall Gardens is the most visited private ecological attraction in Costa Rica; It has some of the most famous waterfalls in Costa Rica, including the famous La Paz Waterfall, an animal sanctuary and a private wildlife reserve with more than 100 species of animals.

Five waterfalls, cloud forest and rainforest, safe trails, aviary with 40 species of birds, demonstration of feeding toucans in the palm of the hand, marmosets, insect display, butterfly farm with their laboratory, two-toed sloths, white-faced monkeys or capuchins, spider monkeys, hummingbird garden with more than 26 documented species, demonstration of feeding hummingbirds in the palm of the hand in the mornings and afternoons, serpentarium, jaguar, pumas, ocelots, tigrillos, cauceles, casita de la paz with area of ​​domestic animals and cart with oxen, Frog, exhibition of orchids, exhibition of heliconias, exhibition of bromeliads. All this and more you will be able to observe during this visit. Here, you will taste a delicious lunch and then resume the trip to La Fortuna de San Carlos, at the foot of the Arenal Volcano.

Upon arrival in the area, you are greeted with a welcome cocktail at the Arenal Springs Resorts And Spa hotel.

Excellent and personalized service, comfortable and spacious rooms, pools with thermal waters that flow directly from the Arenal Volcano, panoramic views of the Volcano, beautiful gardens, friendly attention; They are characteristics of this beautiful stay.

Once you receive your room, enjoy the facilities and services of an accommodation chosen especially for you in front of the majestic and imposing Arenal Volcano.


Includes: Breakfast, tourist guide, private transportation, visit, admission and lunch at La Paz Waterfalls Gardens, welcome cocktail and lodging.


Day 4

After breakfast, departure to the first local excursion. The Maleku Indigenous Reserve.

The Maleku Indigenous Reserve is located in the Northern Region of Costa Rica, in this reserve there are 3 different towns that are called Palenques Margarita, Tonjibe and El Sol, all within a territory of 2993 hectares and a population of 1000 inhabitants, who in 80% speak the dialect known as Maleku Jaica. The main objective of the tour is to show the way in which this indigenous group lives in the present and how they have done to rescue their traditions and customs.

The tour starts at 8:00 am, after a 1 hour trip through the northern plains we arrive at Palenque Tonjibe where we will be welcomed by the locals. After a short presentation, he begins a walk through the village to show important details of the place such as the way in which his dead are buried, the type of palenque that they built in antiquity, craftsmanship as a way of subsistence at present, use of cocoa in their agriculture and the way they create their clothing. Later the tour continues with a walk through a path in the forest to receive excellent information about medicinal plants and trees used by their ancestors and those who currently profit, you will also see some huacas or ancestral indigenous tombs during the tour.

At the end of the tour, we visit a palenque where they perform a dance presentation with dialogues in Maleku language and traditional costumes, followed by a typical lunch.


Upon returning to the hotel, relax in the variety of attractions offered by its facilities, especially those related to thermal mineral waters.


Includes: Breakfast, tourist guide, transportation, Maleku Indigenous Reservation, Lunch, Lodging.


Day 5

After breakfast, prepare for an unforgettable excursion. It is a ride to La Fortuna Waterfall


This horseback ride crosses a beautiful private ranch of cattle and agriculture, where you will have the chance to observe some birds like orioles and toucans.

The tour of the horseback riding tour will take you to the waterfall through pastures, forests and mountains. Where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the San Carlos Valley and the tropical forest surrounding the waterfall.



At the end of the route, you will leave your horse on one side and descend 530 steps to the shore of the impressive waterfall of the La Fortuna river. The altitude of the waterfall, the wet breeze, the sound of the water and the semicircular scenery will be engraved in your mind forever.

There, you will be pleased by the effort of reaching the shore of a 65m high waterfall that falls over a pool of turquoise water.

Be more than welcome to swim in this peculiar environment. There is also a calmer part of the river a few meters downstream


At noon, enjoy the best of Costa Rican Creole food at a local restaurant.

Once satisfied, continue with a day full of emotions. For the afternoon we do the canopy tour. A group of guides await you to give you instructions on how to best take advantage of this unparalleled experience.

The canopy consists of 13 cables and 15 platforms, most of which are located in the trees so that visitors can have greater contact and closer contact with nature, flora and fauna.

The route is divided into 3 sections, the first consists of 8 cables and 9 platforms, with a length of up to 210 meters long and an average height of 25 meters, which are completely immersed in the rainforest.

In the second stage he will locate the Tarzan Swing. And the third consists of 5 cables and 6 platforms with lengths ranging from 100mts to 430mts, the biggest burst of adrenaline and fun that continues after the jump.

This particular way of enjoying, admiring nature with a good load of adrenaline, will be one of the most memorable events of your visit to this beautiful area.


Includes:breakfast, tourist guide, private transport, ride to La Fortuna waterfall, canopy tour / tarzan swing, accommodation.


Day 6

After breakfast, we leave for Tenorio Volcano National Park. The objective, the magical waters of the famous Rio Celeste. A local legend tells that the waters of the Celeste River have that color because, when God finished painting the sky, he washed the brushes in the water of this river. This is one of many legends. But with this, you can already have an idea of ​​the beauty you will witness.

The destination hotel:

Río Celeste Hideaway is a small, resort-style hotel, ecologically oriented, that provides a truly unique experience in the rainforest, located next to the Tenorio Volcano National Park (where the incredible Celeste

River gets its impressive blue-sky color). The hotel offers comfort, a wonderful restaurant and all services surrounded by an intact natural paradise. Prepare to experience a lush tropical jungle, with vegetation and diverse animals that make it unique. Do not forget your walking shoes and an adventurous disposition. You may have to use a “poncho” to hike through the park and through our own trails more than a kilometer long along the majestic river, but you could also be surprised by a beautiful sunny day.


When you arrive at the hotel you are welcomed with a welcome cocktail, then you will receive your room and then you will enjoy a well-deserved lunch.

In the afternoon, be part of the tour that visits the Telesiders of the Celeste River and its Cascades.

In the evening enjoy the chef’s specialty in a magnificent dinner.


Includes:Breakfast, private transportation, tourist guide, lunch, dinner, accommodation.


Day 7

Today is a day for more fun. In this opportunity in the water.

The white and immaculate water in the Guanacaste area creates a beautiful river for rafting. The area offers about 20 kilometers of rapids with magnificent landscapes surrounded by a tropical forest.

No previous experience in raft is necessary, but this is whitewater rafting category III and IV. The experienced staff will make you feel confident and our modern and certified equipment will allow you to enjoy the rapids without problems.

After this exciting adventure, enjoy a delicious fresh lunch.

Without a doubt it will be a great day !!!

In the afternoon you will be back to the hotel to rest in the peace offered by your comfortable rooms immersed in the jungle.

Includes:Breakfast, tourist guide, transportation, Rafting Tour, lunch, dinner, Lodging.



Day 8

After breakfast we will take you through one of the most important agricultural areas in the north of the country, the slope of the Caribbean, to reach the Caño Negro, Wildlife Refuge. This ecosystem is characterized by bird watching. Caño Negro is also home to many wild animals, such as sloths, turtles, three types of monkeys, alligators, lizards, bats and a variety of flora typical of these wetlands

The trip from the hotel to Caño Negro lasts approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. This rustic town is located near the border with Nicaragua. Here we start our boat tour that moves slowly upstream, stopping on the way to observe the animals. Around noon we will stop at a nice local restaurant for a typical Costa Rican lunch before starting our trip back to the hotel.

Includes:Breakfast, tourist guide, private transportation, Caño Negro tour, lunch, dinner and accommodation.


Day 9

This day we return to the capital. We had breakfast and left on a return trip with intermediate stops for use of bathrooms, lunch and gift shopping.

At mid-afternoon you will be arriving at the Hotel Park Inn. Prepare for the farewell dinner with the Chinese community of Costa Rica.


Includes:breakfast, tourist guide, private transport, farewell dinner, accommodation.


Day 10

Breakfast and departure to the international airport. Time to indicate according to flight time.